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Grease Nipples, Button Head, Straight

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Button Head Grease Fittings, Double Hex Head, Steel plated. Grease nipples are widely used in all industries which lubricated, moving machinery is to be found.

In choosing a grease nipple for a particular task, consideration must be given to size, siting/accessibility, pressure and enviroment. We therefore offer these fittings in many angles, sizes, materials and shapes. Standard material is steel zinc plated and stainless steel however we can offer some sizes in hardened steel, brass, 316 grade stainless steel and monel.

The button head type allow the relevant grease gun head to be hooked around the button then the grease can be pumped in with out having to hold onto the grease guns head/nossle.

Product Standard descriptionGrease Nipples, Button Head, Mild Steel
Pinco Part NumberB16

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