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ISO8734-C1 Stainless Hardened Dowel Pins

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ISO8734 Type C1 Hardened Martensitic Stainless Steel Dowels are produced with an 'm6' interference fit tolerance. Our standard metric size range is from 1mm up to 20mm diameter and from 1mm to 1200mm in length. This range of hardened Martensitic Stainless pins is produced from material 1.4034 Stainless Steel hardened to 460/560HV30 and is offered with 15° chamfers at both ends, the nominal length being measured overall including the chamfers.

Diametrical tolerance 'm6' limits are further explained in the chart below.

Diameter Range Tolerance Band (m6)
From 0 to 3mm +0.002 / +0.009mm
From 3 to 6mm +0.004 / +0.012mm
From 6 to 10mm +0.006 / +0.015mm
From 10 to 18mm +0.007 / +0.018mm
From 18 to 30mm +0.008 / +0.021mm

Pinco part M01.

Product Standard descriptionDowel Pins, ISO8734-C1
Pinco Part NumberM01
Standard Stock rangeISO 8734-C1

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