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Bolt Clamps, Mikalor brand, W2-W4-W5

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Pinstructure Ltd is the main UK distributor for the Mikalor Heavy Duty Clamp. Holding in stock all materials in most sizes available.

The Mikalor Heavy Duty Clamps are available in the following materials:

Ref. Description Pinco
Part Number
W1 Steel plated B78
W2 430 Stainless Steel with steel plated bolt A78
W4 304 Stainless Steel D78
W5 316 Stainless Steel E78
W2 Black 430 Stainless Steel,steel plated bolt, Black finish F78

Manufactured by Mikalor, these high strength clamps are widely seen as the choice for professionals where a quality clamp is required.

Ease of fitting and quality in design has been core to the development of this powerful clamp. For applications where the appearance is to be appreciated as well as its performance.

Of particular value is the swivel bridge which allows great flexibility during assembly and this design is just one part of this 'made to measure' attitude which has driven this clamp to the top of its class

W1 Heavy Duty Mikalor Super Clamps are also available, further information can be found here - Pinco series B78.

An eye catching Heavy Duty Clamp display that holds up to 78 clips is available for W2 (430 Stainless Steel), W4 (304 Stainless Steel) and W1 (Steel plated) materials. Further information is available here.


Product Standard descriptionBolt Clamps, Supraclamps, Mikalor
Pinco Part NumberA78, D78, E78

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