DIN 3016 P Clips

Our DIN 3016 'P' clips have reinforced band ends for extra strength to keep them firm where a high load is involved.

This very comprehensive range is available in four bandwidths lined (type D1), unlined (type A1) and manufactured from galvanised steel or W4 304 stainless steel.

Our standard stock range has an EPDM liner. Alternative liners are available, some are stocked with others to order, these include: Neoprene (CR), Nitrile (NBR), Silicone (MVQ) & Viton.

Bandwidth 12mm 15mm 20mm  25mm
Fixing Hole M5 M6 M8  M10
W1 Series G98 Series J98 Series L98  Series R98
W4 Series H98 Series K98 Series M98  Series T98
Size options 4 to 80mm 5 to 100mm 6 to 100mm  14 to 100mm