ISO2338B h8 Unhardened Dowel Pins

ISO2338B Metric Unhardened Dowels are produced with a 'h8' push fit tolerance in Mild Steel and A2 Stainless Steel. Our standard metric size range is from 0.8mm up to 20mm diameter and from 3mm to 120mm in length. This range of unhardened pins is produced from material 1.0718 Mild Steel and 1.4305 Stainless Steel. They are offered with 15° chamfers at both ends, the nominal length being measured overall including the chamfers.

Diametrical tolerance 'h8' limits are further explained in the chart below.

Diameter Range Tolerance Band (h8)
From 0 to 3mm +0.000 / -0.014mm
From 3 to 6mm +0.000 / -0.018mm
From 6 to 10mm +0.000 / -0.022mm
From 10 to 18mm +0.000 / -0.027mm
From 18 to 30mm +0.000 / -0.033mm

If you require interference fit pins to be measured overall please refer to our specifications R01 (unhardended steel) or K01/F01 (stainless).

Sizes outside this range can be produced to order, please enquire.

Pinco part S01 (Mild Steel) and L01 (Stainless Steel).