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Mild Steel Clevis Pins, Larger Head

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Our L70 range is similar to our standard zinc plated range however measured in a different way.

The A70 standard Clevis Pin range is measured: under head to the end of the shank to the start of the hole to give you the length and grip length. However, the L70 in some diameters have larger head sizes and the lengths are measured under head to the end of the shank but then measured back from the end of the shank to the centre of the through hole.

Both types perform in application under the same design function of a headed pin to stop it passing all the way through the application and a hole the other end for a secondary fixing of a Split Cotter Pin or a Retaining Pin to keep the whole assembly together.

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Product Standard descriptionClevis Pin, Larger Head
Pinco Part NumberL70

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