Contact Washers

Our range of Contact washers include washers manufactured to NFE 25-511 (Straight type) and Washers with a knurled ring looking like a circle of 'ZZZ' (Spearkant ZZZ type) making contact under the screws head or nut. The features of these washer make it a multi-functional product. The knurled ring effectively prevents the screw getting loose and the elastic force generated by the washer during the installation allows compensation of clearance in the assembled parts. It's conical shape allows for regular distribution of the forces exerted.

Contact washers are used with bolts and nuts of classes 6.8 , 8.8 and 10.9. Thanks to its features it is mainly used in industries such as, electro mechanics, heavy construction mechanics, safety assemblies, transmissions and industry in general.

Available in Carbon Steel A2 and A4 (316) Stainless Steel.