Wavy Slot/'S' Slot Spring Pins

The 'S' Slot Spring Pins have certain advantages over the straight slot type:

  • The closed shape permits automatic feeding.
  • The toothed slot increases roundness, thus allowing use as an axial pin.

This type of slot is available in light and heavy duty, with a ground O/D, two grades of stainless steel, sizes to suit bushing applications and can even be supplied with an internal thread.

A very versatile highly engineered pin. Popular with, but not limited to the railway industry.

For futher information, please contact us, referencing part numbers:

Heavy duty

Pinco part Material
S50 Carbon steel
T50 1.4568 Stainless steel
R50 1.4310 Stainless steel
G50 Ground, Carbon steel

Light duty

Pinco part Material
S51 Carbon steel
T51 1.4568 Stainless steel
R51 1.4310 Stainless steel
G51 Ground, Carbon steel