DIN7979 Extractable Dowel Pins

We offer two standards of Extractable Dowel; DIN7979D Hardened & Ground Extractable Dowels which are produced from Through Hardening Alloy 1.3505 (100Cr6) hardened to HRC58-64 with an Air Release Flat as standard and DIN7979C Metric Austenitic Stainless Steel Extractable Dowels produced from material 1.4305 (A2 Stainless Steel).

Our Metric size range is from 3mm up to 25mm diameter and are produced to an ‘m6’ interference fit tolerance band which is explained more clearly in the chart below.

Diameter Range Tolerance Band (m6)
From 3 to 6mm +0.004 / +0.012mm
From 6 to 10mm +0.006 / +0.015mm
From 10 to 18mm +0.007 / +0.018mm
From 18 to 30mm +0.008 / +0.021mm

The standard tapping specifications for Extractable Dowels to DIN7979D/C are as below.

Diameter Internal Thread
3mm M2 x 3.5 deep
4mm M2.5 x 4 deep
5mm M3 x 5 deep
6mm M4 x 6 deep
8mm M5 x 8 deep
10mm M6 x 10 deep
12mm M6 x 10 deep
16mm M8 x 12 deep
20mm M10 x 16 deep
25mm M16 x 24 deep

If you require alternative tapping sizes please refer to our specification A05 or D05.

Sizes outside of this range including h6 diameter can be produced to order, please enquire.