Hose Clamps, DIN 3017

The Worm Drive Clamps introduction for general use gave new insights into the measurement of clamping forces both needed and available to prevent leakages.

The Worm Drive has been in engineering applications for many years previously, but the use of it in band clamps gave considerable flexibility to the range of sizes one clamp could cover together with its ability to offer measured incremental effects.

The two widely used methods of creating the helix drive on the band of the clamps are "embossing" and "slotting". We offer both types as each offer advantages in specialist applications, together with personal preference of our customer.

Embossing produces a plain band giving full contact with the clamped surface. Our standard range are manufactured to DIN 3017 in 9mm and 12mm bandwidths.

Slotting enables slightly higher torque tightening values and are available in 8mm, 13mm and 16mm bandwidths.

The materials available are:

W1 (Steel plated), W2 (430 Stainless band & housing, steel plated screw), W3 (430 Stainless steel complete), W3 black (430 Stainless steel with a black finish), W4 (304 Stainless steel) and W5 (316 Stainless steel).