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Constant Tension Clamps

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"Constant Tension Clamps" – allowing joints to breathe

The Constant Tension Clamps are designed to deal with "cooling leakage" this occurs when a hose assembly is subjected to a vigorous hot temperature causing expansion of the joint and whilst a normal hose clamp may expand to cope, the joint may come loose on cooling – similar conditions i.e. movement due to temperature changes, occur in very cold circumstances.

Series Bandwidth Screw
T45 16mm (5/8") 10mm (3/8")
T47 14mm (9/16") 8mm (5/16") 

These clamps have found favour with the large engine slower moving vehicles e.g. earth movers, trucks and tractors, due to the clips tenacity in tough conditions.

Product Standard descriptionHose Clips, Constant Tension Heavy Duty
Pinco Part NumberT45, T47

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