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DIN6325 h6 Thru Hardened Dowel Pins

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DIN6325h6 Metric Hardened & Ground Dowels are produced to a push fit. Our standard metric size range is from 1mm up to 16mm diameter and is produced from material 1.3505 (100cr6) Through Hardened to HRC58-62. This pin is configured to have a radius at one end and a ‘crown’ at the other – a crown can be more easily described as a radius on top of a chamfer.

If you require chamfered end pins instead of rad/crown configuration please refer to our specifcation A01.

Metric sizes are offered with an 'h6' tolerance band which is explained more clearly in the chart below.

Diameter Range Tolerance Band (h6)
From 0 to 3mm -0.006 / +0.000mm
From 3 to 6mm -0.008 / +0.000mm
From 6 to 10mm -0.009 / +0.000mm
From 10 to 18mm -0.011 / +0.000mm
From 18 to 30mm -0.013 / +0.000mm

Sizes outside of this range can be produced to order, please enquire.

Product Standard descriptionDowel Pins, DIN6325 h6
Pinco Part NumberT09
Standard Stock rangeDIN 6325 (h6)

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