Coiled Springs and flat metal Springs have that truly magical engineering proprty of transforming themselves into different shapes and sizes only to return to their designed dimensions over thousands of cycles.

Compression, Expansion and Torsion Springs are available:

Pinco series A25 Compression Springs apply a force between two objects moving together. With the outside diameter, wire diameter, free length and number of coils this force can be calculated. Conversely if you have a required force, free or working length and diameter we could offer you some spring sizes to suit.

The ends of this type of spring can be open, closed and closed & ground.

Usual materials are music wire and stainless steel.

Pinco series B25 Extension springs apply a force between two objects trying move away from each other. The spring is designed to take up this force and then try to pull the objects back together again.

Usually close coiled bodies of the spring with loops either end to fix the spring onto the application.

Pinco series C25 Torsion Springs are typically used to enable it easier to open and close hatches and doors.

We have all used plastic clothes pegs with the coiled spring in the middle, a common place to find a torsion spring or a garage door which usually rely on torsion springs to help them open and close.

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